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Inspiration comes from those that challenge the status quo. That see the insight and share it through a story. These stories resonate and tap into our emotional being. They deliver the rational and the functional, but they are unique in their emotion.

Digicap Design

We all love the feelings of joy and inspiration when we experience simplicity, beauty, warmth, appreciation. We fall in love with people and experiences, with brands, places, tastes and smells. We like the ‘look and feel’ of the things we see and touch. We see Roger Federrer win his 8th Wimbledon title and become the greatest tennis player in history, only to recall his two sets of twins on the sideline watching.


'The message is the medium'. Another famed McLuhan insight. inspired media planning comes from recognising the device and the context of the user at the time the message is consumed. And then bid your best price based on the likelihood of conversion.

Digicap Media

Media continues to evolve, and with it comes increasing opportunity, and increasing complexity. Clients want highly targetted, highly focussed results driven media plans, that integrated and optimise spend across all media – not just traditional, digital, search and social, but with device and context in mind.


And then they need to bring together multiple agencies. Not anymore.


Digicap is a fully integrated media agency with the ability to plan, buy, optimise, and report across all media.


Data is data. A language of its own. What makes it good, or bad, is the skill of the 'interpreter'. Market leaders know they need specialists in media, marketing and sales data. They need talent in defining, designing, interpreting and empowering your organisation with useful insights and recommendations. Check out Hans Roslings lifes work - and be inspired.

Digicap Data

Data science is either the source of insight or the validation of intuition.

We collaborate with clients to quickly establish highly effective data management solutions, that deliver real time reporting dashboards, accompanied with valuable insights and recommendations.


The age of social media may well be the age of 'Id'. Is Zuckerberg representative of the 'tech geeks' who were better equipped to identify the social ego and the inner desires of the 'cool kids'. Or maybe the tech geeks have greater ego's and never had a platform? Well, now everyone does.

Digicap Social

Content and Social strategy are a critical components of any communications and risk management planning, whether you are active or not. Social media is more about humans being social than it is about media. With word of mouth, referral, advocacy and community engagement all standard activivty, every individual is a media. And those influencers with large followings are even more powerful. And so, your strategy for social media is more important than ever before. 


Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Dating, Gaming, Mapping, Sharing.


Larry & Sergey couldn't sell their search algorithm to Yahoo for $1m. They were the the 17th search engine into the market. And they dominated the search world. All, because they started with customer needs first, and monetisation second. Is your marketing, message, media, channel plan capable of being so bold?

Digicap Technology

Technological innovation can drive growth and or process efficiency and effectiveness for both consumers and businesses. It offers scale, immediacy, access, control, and so much more, depending on the device, the need and the situational context. Your technical solutions need to be architected within this framework of thinking, as well as within the normal expectation of project control – quality, time, cost.


So poor tech choices can be crippling to your customer acquisition retention and growth.


All too quickly we are dismissive of the new. But we forget too quickly, that time is a great leveller. Time teaches us that users grow to adopt and adapt. That water finds its own level, and the path of least resistance. Before you decide to climb the mountain, maybe you should consider a faster, easier, simpler, quicker optimised strategy and solution. Many saw an online store, they did not see shipping, drones, warehousing, robots, and or what the future holds.

Digicap E-Commerce

E-Commerce is as much about your brand, the products, the pricing, the shipping, the warehousing… as it is about the integration with the Google Merchant Store, SEO, concurrent users, redundancy, security, customer experience and shopping cart abandonment.