Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting a Business

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When starting a business, digital tools are essential to help you have better business operations. Digital tools deliver convenience in terms of communication, organisation, and execution of tasks. In this era where remote employees are becoming rampant, it is important to be able to reach and communicate in real-time. Hence, here are some digital tools you can explore to start with:

Digital Marketing Tools To Start With


MailChimp is an email marketing-focused website that also offers other services as comprehensive as their email marketing tactics. Given the fact that eight out of ten marketers use email marketing to directly reach their target consumers, it is only best to also make use of this website to help your company get the attention of your prospects.

Email marketing must be implemented during your first day of operation. With the aid of MailChimp and its 12 million customers, it is for sure the best place to implement email marketing.

MailChimp goes way back in 2001 when email marketing wasn’t the trend yet or even on the radar of becoming a trend. Also, it has a self-service selection where it delivers the answers to your questions quickly. Moreover, you can opt for a free plan as long as you don’t send 12,000 emails per month.  



HubSpot is the best when it comes to sales, CRM software, and marketing. HubSpot has a wide connection that will thread your entire marketing funnel. You can also have access to blogging, SEO, social media, websites, lead management, landing pages, email, analytics, and other essential factors that affect your business operations. HubSpot is your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. It is a holistic marketing software that helps clients reach their goals.



Trello is the best when it comes to managing your projects. It is a single-page tool that lets you be on the same page with the entire team. It will significantly save you time and stress having to organise daily weekly or monthly tasks. With Trello, you can conveniently share your blog posts before you embed them to your website. You can easily monitor your team’s progress and review posts about to be published.

Trello lets you share every digital marketing scheme in one place. You can easily set up a board, create a checklist, add people involved in the project, and you’re good to go. You can also easily cross out tasks that are done or blog posts that have been published so everyone will know the status of the task or project.  


It is understood in the world of digital marketing, social media plays a significant role to ensure the success of your company. It is a must if you want your company to earn more audience and thrive in this cutthroat ever-changing digital time. Hootsuite allows users to easily schedule social media posts in advance so they can do other tasks.

With Hootsuite, you can easily identify the kind of influencers that will greatly impact your marketing strategies and bring in more sales. Also, you can easily reply to the comments on your posts through a dashboard, hence, you need not have to open the social media app, go to the comment and type. Moreover, your scheduled posts will be posted without you having to click post yourself.  


Digital marketing tools are helpful and a prerequisite. There are countless tools for every sort of business. The ones mentioned above are tools that will best fit any company regardless of the size, operation, and product. Hence, if you’re spending too much time doing the manual work, reach out for help from these tools and gain better business operations. 

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